The primary purpose of this Society shall be to
identify, record, collect, preserve, and make
available documents and artifacts of historical
significance related to the history of the people,
places and events of the Maricopa, Arizona area at
present and in the future.

The Maricopa Historical Society will also provide
educational and cultural experience to promote the
heritage of Maricopa and the surrounding areas at
present and in the future.
Maricopa Historical Society Exhibits are displayed in
the main lobby of the Maricopa Library


Maricopa Public Library
41600 W Smith-Enke Road
Maricopa, AZ 85138
Phone: 520/568-2926
E-mail: library@maricopa-az.gov

Monday and Wednesday:  11am to 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 8am to 5pm
The goal of the Maricopa Historical Society is to
inspire our citizens to take the historical foundation of
the old Maricopa, with its rich diverse heritage, and
build upon it with the dynamic energy of the present
to create a thread of commonality that fosters a
strong sense of identity and community spirit among
all of its citizens. We aim to do this through oral and
written histories, speakers, exhibits, activities, and
programs that ignite the imagination and bring history
alive for students of all ages.
Maricopa Historical Society Contact Person:
Patricia Brock
Email: hpbrock@cox.net  
Our mission is to inform and inspire all people to
make history a part of their lives by presenting
exhibits, programs and publications that bring
history alive; collecting materials that tell the story
of the Maricopa area and its people; educating
people of all ages; and creating a sense of identity
and community.
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