Maricopa Historical Society meetings
are held on the first Monday of each
month at the Maricopa Library

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

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Paul Shirk
About Us

The Maricopa Historical Society incorporated as a
non-profit corporation in 2010.  Meetings are held at
the Maricopa Public Library, 41600 W Smith-Enke
Road on the first Monday of each month at 5:30

Anyone interested in Maricopa’s history and its
preservation is welcome to be a part of our group.

The Society began meeting in 2005 as the Maricopa
History Committee with the Friends of the Maricopa
Library. Thanks to many generous donations from
local individuals and businesses, they were able to
publish a book by Patricia Brock, “Reflections of a
Desert Town, Edition II.”  These donors were
honored with a “Benefactors of Maricopa’s
Heritage” plaque that hangs in the Maricopa Room
of the library.  If you are interested in having your
family’s name added to the plaque, please email  for more information.  

The Maricopa Historical Society offers several
revolving exhibits in the Maricopa Room and
highlights the changing of these exhibits with a Grand
Opening at the Maricopa Public Library.   A few
exhibits include:  Maricopa Wells, Maricopa Train
Days, Cotton and Cattle, The Quadrille de Mujeres,
Maricopa Schools Everyday Living, Maricopa
Characters, etc.  

The society not only has a large collection of photos
and artifacts, but numerous Arizona history books
that include many that are out of print and
considered priceless.  

The Society also has a large collection of video-
taped oral histories from its Oral History Project as
well as numerous written histories from residents
who are no longer with us.  

It sponsors a series of events with speakers from the
past who come and share their memories and stories
of living in Maricopa during earlier days called
“Keeping Maricopa’s History Alive.”  

The Maricopa Historical Society is looking for
anyone who may have artifacts they are willing to
lend or donate.  For more information, contact

Paul Shirk, 909-260-3020 or
Maricopa Historical Society
Board of Directors:

Paul Shirk- President
Denny Hoeh - Vice President
Richard Kane - Secretary
Brenda Campbell - Treasurer
Ron Angwood - Board Member
Chad Cha
dderton -  Board Member
Dorothy Charles - Board Member
Joan Garrett - Board Member/Membership
Oliver Anderson - Board Member
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Please note that Maricopa is a city in Pinal County and the
Maricopa Historical Society is in
no way associated with Maricopa